Google Cloud Print Setup for HP Envy 4520

To print your files or documents or photos using the Google cloud print services from your HP printers.You will have to follow the below set of instructions. We have made more simple and easy for to you to understand and follow

Steps to Setup Google Cloud Print

  1. Firstly you will have to check whether your printer device supports Google cloud print services this step is very much essential.
  2. To enjoy the Google cloud print services, your HP printer device should be compatible with the latest version of the Google cloud print services.
  3.  Also, check whether your device is registered with the HP connects. Registering with HP connect is another important steps that takes you towards the Google cloud services easily.
  4.  Once you have checked with the above steps. Obtain the email address from which you have to print by choosing the setup an email address option.
  5.  Then you have to choose Google cloud option. Now sign in with the provided email address for your device to enjoy the Google cloud  print services, in case you are not provided with an email address, then you will have to create a new account in Google to continue with the further steps.
  6.  Once you have signed in to your account, you have to enter the email address in the email box from which printer address you are going to send the print request and then enter the destination printer’s email address in the To: field, in case you are having more than one destination, then enter all the other destination email address in the Cc: field of your email address box.
  7.  And then click connect my printer option. Then follow the on screen instructions so that device is connected to the Google cloud print. Once your device is connected you can begin to take print outs using the cloud print technology.

Google Cloud Print setup Video for HP Envy 4520