In case you are ending up with the printer driver unavailable issue, then you will have to follow with the below steps to fix the issue.
⦁ Firstly you will have to open the driver easy software so that you can fix the issue.
⦁ On the driver easy welcome easy you will have to select the scan now option so that it checks for any other driver software installed in the device.
⦁ Then you will have to choose the update all option so that all the drivers installed in your device will update at the time.
⦁ Firstly you will have to turn off the wireless router.
⦁ Then you will have to switch off the HP printer device.
⦁ Then move to the computer and switch it off too.
⦁ Now wait for a while, and then turn on the wireless router.
⦁ Once the wireless router is turned on, you should turn on your printer device.
⦁ Once the printer device is turned on, you will have to turn on the computer.
⦁ Then you will have to check whether your HP printer device is connected to an active network.
⦁ Then check whether that you have installed the printer driver software.
⦁ By following the above steps you can resolve the issue.